Finding God at UConn

M is a student at UConn who just started attending RUF this year. Growing up, she was confirmed in a church, but her family mostly did not attend church and definitely didn’t discuss God or anything related to Him very often. It has been a challenging year for M in many ways. Some of the community that she was counting on this year has not been present for her and she has gravitated more and more toward newer relationships in RUF. About a month ago as I sat with her in the student union, we talked through some of the difficulties she has been having as well as her time in RUF. I encouraged her to start reading through a gospel like Mark

About a week later, she asked if we could meet up again. She had read through the first couple chapters of Mark and had all kinds of questions. Her questions were amazing! We talked about sin, about how the Bible is a history of salvation, and how it culminates in Jesus dying because it was the only way to fix our hearts which resist God and His love. While I answered some of her questions and we continued to talk, she took notes furiously, trying to grasp what she was hearing for the first time. Please pray for the Spirit’s work in M, the rest of our students, and for our ministry as this school year winds down?

Lucas Dourado
Campus Minister at UConn