A BIG Prayer Request from RUF City Campus

City Campus RUFOne of the biggest challenges to life in NYC is space – specifically, for RUF City Campus, space for all the students to gather, eat, sing, learn, pray, and worship together. Although Redeemer Presbyterian Church has offered the use of their space in midtown, over the last two years it has become clear that midtown is much farther than most students are willing to travel. Beginning in fall of 2018, RUF City Campus will be moving their meetings to downtown, which will put them within walking distance of 75% of their students. They have applied to meet at the NYU Kimmel Center, but it is a highly sought out building for student clubs and organizations. Please pray that God would provide a free, consistent and accessible meeting space that is large enough for their entire group for the school year at the Kimmel Center, that the logistics of the move would be worked out quickly and smoothly, that the move would enhance and not detract from existing partnerships with other ministries on NYU’s campus, and, most of all, that they would be able to provide more Christian students with a community where they can spiritually grow and thrive, as well as reach more unbelieving students with the grace of the gospel!

Matthew Terrell
RUF City Campus

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