Millersville RUF in Panama City

Millersville Group Shot SuCo2018Millersville headed off to Panama City Beach, Florida for week 3 of RUF Summer Conference. Our group was full of people who were SuCo vets, but we also had a bunch of rookies. The thing that students really don’t understand is what happens at Summer Conference. I try and tell them how God works through the 40 hour car ride (round trip), the beautiful location, the group of friends that go and the preaching of the Word, but no one really understands until they get there. As per usual, God was at work through SuCo for RUF at Millersville this year. What we saw happen was the fruit of all the work we had put in throughout the year. Friendships were cemented together. Students’ hearts were drawn to Jesus as the ultimate provider of significance and justification. Assumptions about life and worldview were lovingly challenged and discussed. And the rocky exterior of peoples’ hearts were softened by the work of the Holy Spirit. Seriously, what else can you ask for?


Trip Beans
Campus Minister at Millersville University

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