Exciting News from Brown/RISD!

RUF at Brown University/RISD has exciting news to share from this past spring. Thanks to the generous gifts of one gracious and kind benefactor, they have made an agreement with St. Stephens Church, the Episcopal church right in the center of Brown’s campus, to rent their fellowship hall for RUF’s weekly gathering, secure storage space for their equipment, office space, and parking (pictures throughout this extended newsletter). Organized in 1839 and identifying with the Anglo-Catholic wing of worldwide Anglicanism, St. Stephens existed before the time Brown grew to its present-day size on the East side of Providence. For that reason, St. Stephens sits in the heart of Brown’s campus, but it is separate from the university.

S. Stephens_preview - Brown1

RUF Brown/RISD is now situated in the heart of Brown’s campus. In the words of one student, “RUF no longer feels transient, but like a home away from  home. We no longer have to change rooms every week and haul equipment across campus every week. We can do more ministry to people.”


As one of RUF’s rising leaders at Brown recently shared, “Previously I do not think I really understood Christianity. Now, I know that the gospel is the good news that Jesus came to be crucified for our sins and to conquer death and the grave so that we can be saved and have eternal life through him. Therefore, we die to sin, live for Christ, and love one another. On Judgement Day, God promises to judge us for what we have done and cast the unrighteous into the lake of fire. But, because of Jesus’ sacrifice and his blood covering our sins and imperfections, we are seen as righteous in the Father’s eyes and are promised new ad everlasting life in the new heavens and the new earth. As John 14:6 states, Jesus is the only gateway tot eh Father, and no one can come to the Father except through him. I strongly believe that we are saved not by our good works, but through Jesus, and him alone.

I am glad I found RUF when I came to Brown. RUF is such a close-knit Christian community. People are willing to be vulnerable with one another and to truly support one another in times of need. Just simply talking with and seeing my peers in RUF, who I can now call my personal friends, has inspired me personally and brought me great confidence in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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