A Reflection on Lehigh RUF Summer Camp and Looking Toward Fall

This is my second year attending Lehigh RUF’s Summer Camp. As always, it was a week filled with fun, shenanigans, pranks, laughter, a late night Denny’s run, gaga ball, and many games of Mafia. It’s wonderful to see students drawing nearer to each other in friendship. It is good for them to bond and rest away from the worries of their studies and campus life. Strange though it may sound, my favorite part of summer camp is not the week itself. Rather, I love to think on the impact down the road.

Bible study

Throughout the week, Lehigh students listened and engaged in various seminars and sermons on topics such as the mortification of sin, the five love languages, science and faith, how to speak and listen, and Christian siblingship. My heart was touched to see students discussing what they had heard from God’s Word with each other during small groups, over meals, while relaxing on the swings, or pulling an all-nighter.

I saw the Lord bringing about various conversations that I have been praying for all school year. God is at work, and I can’t wait to see His work continue to unfold at Lehigh next year!

Candace Blackwelder, Lehigh Staff

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