Testimony from a PITT Freshman

My freshman year of college was as intense as they come. With ROTC training, switching majors, and serving on my residence hall’s council, my schedule was packed from dawn to dusk. Luckily I found RUF, which became a shelter from the stresses of college life. After the long stretch from Monday to Thursday, I would trudge into RUF, grab a homemade snack, see a friend’s smiling face, and be greeted with a hug from a senior. This welcoming environment helped me create strong relationships with God and other students. I had found a special group. After an enjoyable first year, I was grateful to spend time with these people at Summer Conference. It’s incredible how a volleyball court can bring people together. I also had the opportunity to explore what I believe, and how God calls me to worship Him. I came out of SuCo with a more focused and confident belief in God, and excited about being a part of a community whose members relate to each another with honesty, care, and love. RUF has become family to me, and I look forward to growing with them during my next three years at PITT.
Matt Beck

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