University of Maryland Update!

It is the 3rd week of school and there has been a lot going on in the ministry at Maryland.

Praise God for large turn outs at their first three Supper Clubs! Supper Club is an event where students come together for a meal, have a worship time and then listen to preaching from the Bible. This semester it’s on Gospel centered relationships (Friendships, Dating, Marriage, Singleness, Gender issues etc). The first two weeks were some of the largest in a while – 60 to 70 students came out. This is a praise! Pray as the team is trying to follow up and connect with the new students, for good interactions, and for Gospel conversations.

Pray for new students to connect with the Ministry Team and for fruitful follow up. The ministry teams at University of Maryland (Growth in Grace, Large Group, and Social Outreach) have many responsibilities and can use prayer for stamina as well. Pray for continued opportunities to minister to fraternities on campus, as it seems that God may have opened a door for the gospel to go forward. Pray also for the Mid-Atlantic Fall Conference coming up September 28-30 – that many would attend and that God would be glorified!

Univeristy of Maryland Big Hike at Harper's Ferry
University of Maryland RUF on their Big Hike to Harper’s Ferry

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