Standing Room Only!

David* is an atheist  who walked up to the table while RUF City Campus was giving away donuts last week outside of NYU’s student center. He said that now that he’s in college he wants to start considering things he’s always dismissed, and Christianity is at the top of his list. Brian* is a new believer from China excited about connecting with Christian community for the first time. Abby* is a Christian from a Jewish family looking forward to learning more about what it means to follow Jesus. Katie* grew up with atheist parents but recently became a Christian and is eager to grow. Michael* grew up in the church and is excited to be involved in a ministry that will challenge him and equip him to follow Jesus during and after college. The list goes on and on. These are the students who were at the first RUF City Large Group Bible study last night. These are the students you have been praying for!

Pray for RUF City as they continue to reach out to these students and many more.

*all names have been changed to protect students’ privacy

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