Fall Update – RUF City Campus minister Matt Terrell

I keep having the same conversation over and over again. And I’m not upset about it at all. For the first 5 weeks of this semester, at least once a week, I’ve had a student who is not a Christian ask me some version of “Can we meet and talk? I’m not a Christian but I have a lot of questions that I’d like to ask you about God.”

It feels like a prank. Never have I had so many unbelieving students take the initiative to have spiritual conversations with me! It has been humbling and exciting to see God’s Spirit at work in this way, drawing students to himself and using RUF in the process. We met some of these students during Welcome Week; others have been brought to RUF activities by their Christian friends. All of them are asking great questions.

Would you pray that all these conversations bear the fruit of conversion? We long to see the questions that students ask lead them to genuine faith in Jesus.

I got a vivid picture of what this can look like a couple of days ago when I met with a student who became a Christian last semester, in large part due to her involvement in RUF and the friendships she built there. As she was reflecting on how her life began to change after putting her trust in Jesus, she shared that life was worth living for the first time.

Praise the Lord! Paul begins his letter to the Romans by saying that the gospel is the power of God for salvation. That power is on display in this student’s life and we pray that it will be on display in the lives of many more as a result of your ministry with us to students in New York City!

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