Christian Because God Revealed Himself

I grew up with devout Christian parents, and I attended church religiously (pun intended). Despite being exposed to the gospel all throughout my upbringing, I really thought early on that I could figure out life on my own. Then I began having health issues. [God] showed me that I cannot figure out life on my own, and that nothing I could ever do would be enough to meet his standards of perfection, but that Christ in his death paid the penalty for my sin. The facts of Christianity I once understood only as mere head-knowledge turned into a Savior who died for me.

I am a Christian because God revealed himself to me and sent the Son to die for me, and now I cannot help but worship him. I want to serve him in my relationships, in my schoolwork, and in my career. I often feel that I am constantly confessing my sin or that I am not living a life that is a good enough witness, but in those moments, I know I need to remember God’s love for me in Christ. And in that way, I sincerely desire to be used for God’s plan and his purposes in RUF, on the campus at Brown, and wherever else he ends up taking me after college.

RUF student at Brown University

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