Fruitful Bible Studies at IUP

As we began our Wednesday night study this week, many of the students were really tired. One of them admitted up front: “Can we just talk about something or ask you questions instead of reading the Bible? I’m too tired to read.” This seemed like a rough start to the study that night. However, I ended up compromising with them. We would read the passage, discuss it a bit, and make sure we got to the main point. After that they could ask me whatever they wanted.

We got to the main point relatively quickly which was really summed up in Mark 10:45:  “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” We talked about why Christ really had to die and in light of that what were the implications for his disciples.

After that, they began grilling me with questions. One student asked me question after question:

“Is Christianity the only way to God?”

“What do you think of Satanists?”

“What do you think about those who say after we die there is nothing?”

“Why should I trust the Bible?”

Another student chimed in asking:

“How do I know which churches are good?

“Why are there so many hypocrites in the church?”

“Does the bible say homosexuality is wrong?”

At the end of our meeting that night, one of the students said to me “I really appreciate this. I’ve never had anyone in my life to ask these questions to.”

Oliver Pierce, Campus Minister at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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