Update from the RUF-International at U Delaware

After Rick Grey, RUF-I minister at University of Delaware, sat down at a table during “Dinner & Discussion” this month, a Middle Eastern scholar introduced him to a first-time guest. “This is my friend from Latin America. I invited her to join us because I thought she would benefit from RUF-I.” Isn’t this just like God? He used a non-Christian from one country to invite a new person from a different country to come for a discussion of what the Bible says about Jesus!

Just before one Asian scholar returned home, Rick gave him a small booklet about Christianity written in his heart language. His response really surprised and encouraged Rick: “I changed my mind. When I arrive home I want to go to church.” You never know how God may be working in the heart of an international friend!
The Lord keeps blessing “Dinner & Discussion” with growing numbers, gospel conversations, and Bibles disappearing from the info table! Here are several examples of the Spirit’s moving. One volunteer wrote, “I sat with three Asian students all studying to be surgeons! They were all incredibly receptive to the Bible…”

Another table host said, “I had a great discussion with two Latin American gals. Both expressed that they enjoyed doing the Bible study and said they would come again.” A different volunteer recounted, “One of the Asian students at my table told us that she had seen her dad reading the New Testament once. So, she recently told him over the phone that she received a bi-lingual Bible. Her dad was so excited and asked her to bring the Bible home with her!” Lastly, still another table host reported, “My Latin American friend, who has been coming for some months, told me that he recently believed in the Lord and wants to follow Him!”

Praise the Lord for the ways he is working in the hearts of international students at University of Delaware!
Rick Gray, RUF-I Delaware

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