Chesapeake Bay Conference

Summer is now upon us. We ended with a wonderful Chesapeake Bay Summer Conference at Camp Wabanna in Edgewater, MD on Memorial Day weekend. Two weeks ago it looked like we would have a very small group less than 30, but the Lord brought a bunch of late sign ups and we had over 75 participants including students from across the Mid-Altantic (Univ of Maryland, Univ. of Delaware, Delaware State, George Mason, Liberty, UMBC, George Washington), as well as college students from partnering churches Chapelgate and Good Hope. We also had several international students attend from China, Taiwan and South Korea! Pray for the seeds of the Gospel to bear fruit as some students leave for home.

We had excellent preaching and teaching from the Rev. Cyril Chavis on the reconciling nature of the Gospel. Cyril will begin RUF at Howard University here in DC this fall. Pray for him and his family as they move to DC, raise support and get adjusted. I’m excited to have another RUF Campus minister near me!

Nabil Ince, a jazz musician/worship leader and recent grad from Covenant College led our Maryland worship team during our large group meetings and gave a concert one of the nights. Along with the 4 main large group sessions we had a number of seminars dealing with such important topics as: Missions, Dating and Relationships, the importance of Church in the life of the Christian, Gospel Change and Dealing with Anxiety and Stress.

Enjoy the pictures from our Chesapeake Bay SuCo!

Chris Garriot, University of Maryland

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