Praises and Prayer Requests – RUF-I at UD

Our largest group (well over 100) came for RUF-I’s last Dinner & Discussion of University of Delaware’s spring semester. After enjoying authentic Chinese food, we read from John 20 and talked about the resurrection of Jesus. An East Asian scholar (who I have been praying for, but didn’t attend any Dinner & Discussions this semester) came for the last one! Upon returning home that evening, he sent me an email. It read, “If it’s convenient, could you send me copies of this semester’s discussion guides? I really enjoy reading them, and it would be great to have electronic copies.”

Most of the 17 students from an East Asian University had never read anything in the Bible. Now for the first time they’re thinking about Jesus’ words and works. Before returning home, they treated their new American Christian friends to a “Hot Pot” dinner!

A South Asian scholar recently began coming to Dinner & Discussion. Since he was raised in the Hindu faith, I was surprised when he asked me what English translation of the Bible I would recommend for him to read! As we talked, it became obvious this young man is earnestly seeking answers to life’s most important questions.

Now is the season for graduations and good-byes. More than 25 University of Delaware internationals, who regularly participated in RUF-I events this past year, are returning home. Each one will receive a farewell card, a UD pen, and a gospel booklet in their native language. They’ve heard the good news about Christ and experienced God’s love in action. Yet the Spirit still must work in their hearts.
Rick Grey, University of Delaware RUF-I

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