A Fall Update from Millersville


When Welcome Week comes around, you never know exactly what God is going to do. We are always thinking about and desiring a big response from students, but of course God’s plan is the right plan. Our job is to show up prepared and loving to show students how excited we are to have them back and to encourage them to join us for conversation about how Jesus works into faith and life.

Well, so far this year, I think we are all a little surprised at how God is working. The response from students this year has been big. We collected lots of student contacts. We are working and will continue to work to follow up with each one, especially the ones that have come to evening events. This week, we started our small groups. We had one that is focused on students in the arts. We want to start a discussion about how Christians participate in the arts. The challenge for artists is to deal with a very post-Christian culture and reflect the love and light of Jesus in their art. RUF also hosted small group bible studies for freshmen and upperclassmen. Both groups went exceptionally well. Students are showing up. Discussion is being had. We will host our second Large Group tonight. I will begin our sermon series on the “I AM” statements of Jesus. Last week was energetic and fun. We are excited to see what happens this week!

Please keep praying for us. These first six weeks are so busy.
Trip Beans, Millersville University


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