Fall at MIT – Prayers and Praises!


Hello from MIT. Freshmen have arrived and have been busy moving into their rooms, moving out of their rooms, making new friends, testing out of certain classes, and attending one orientation event after another. RUF covets your prayers as we seek to reach students for Christ and equip them toward a lifetime of service for Christ and his church. Life at MIT is typically busy, and when there is much competing for students’ attention and time, students will be intentional about the clubs to join and the events to attend. Before a student invests or engages in Christian fellowship and discipleship, the Lord must first work in that student’s heart. Would you pray that the Lord would draw students to himself, that he would prepare the hearts of students to know Jesus? Also, we must go to the places where students live, work and play. Would you pray for RUF, for our staff and ministry team, that we would connect with many students and love students well as we do so?

MIT’s activities fairs happen twice a year and they’re the largest recruiting events of the year. Also, the day before classes start, is when all the grad and undergrad Christian clubs join for an all-campus worship. This year they asked me to share a message, and of course I said yes. The group that hosts this is called United Christian Organization. UCO started several decades ago (so I’ve been told) and it’s a network of eleven or so Bible-believing Christian groups at MIT for solidarity. In April, RUF was voted into UCO by the other member groups. I always thought it was important for RUF to be a part of this, especially for credibility. RUF is still the newest Christian group at MIT and we’re also the first Christian group to join UCO in quite some time, well before I got here. God is at work at MIT, and the welcome we’ve received from the administration and the Christian community is an open door to welcome students into communion with Jesus.

Through your prayers and generous giving, the Lord is raising up disciples and leaders for his kingdom and for his church. Each year, I am more profoundly humbled to be able to tell students at MIT about Jesus, and I am more grateful each year that I can do this through our partnership in the gospel.

Grace and peace,
Solomon Kim, MIT

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