“Why We Do What We Do”

Big Idea Productions had an advertisement at the beginning of the “Veggie Tales” cartoons that showed a toddler walking toward the camera with the caption “Why We Do What We Do”. On November 2nd and 3rd, six colleges brought their student leaders to Newark, Delaware for the fall Eastern Mid-Atlantic Training Conference.


Watching these students interact with their campus ministers, with their track leaders, and with each other as they worked through important topics like “How to Study the Bible”, “Biblical Discipleship”, “Knowing and Growing in Grace”, and “How to Lead Bible Studies” was a testimony to the commitment of RUF to equip and raise up leaders on campuses around the world, as well as in the church. It was a visual representation, just like Big Idea’s advertisement, of why we do what we do. Please pray for these students, for our college campus ministries, and our campus ministers as they finish the fall semester and begin to look toward the spring. Please pray for our next training conference in February as we seek to continue to equip students. And praise God for the work He is doing and continues to do through His church!



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