Fall Semesters are Wrapping Up!

As we enter Thanksgiving week, college semesters are drawing to a close. Here is a semester recap from University of Maryland:
Student led small group Bible studies continue to have good attendance and are building community and friendships at our Monday and Tuesday night dorm Bible studies. About 15-20 students attend the La Plata Hall study on north campus. The Tuesday night study meets in the Prince Frederick Hall study lounge and typically has 12-15 students involved.  Each study enjoys pizza and prayer time as well.

Supper Club has continued to flourish with around 50-60 students or more each Wednesday night coming for our free dinner, music and Bible message. 


This semester I’ve been preaching through the Parables of Jesus which are all pointing to the Gospel and the “upside down” kingdom of God. It seems that there are 4 or 5 new students each week. I’m so thankful for the many student leaders who serve in different capacities: leading worship and music, Emceeing the night (Alex Na above pic) with announcements and ice breakers, setting up and tearing down. The ministry team does a great job of welcoming and spreading their presence around the tables to meet and talk with the new students who come. Please pray for the many new students who have come this semester to connect to the Lord and our group.
Chris Garriot, UMD

A student from Millersille had this to share:
I feel like I’ve really seen myself and others grow in scripture, particularly during small groups. I’ve gotten to read more of the Old Testament than I ever did before in other church situations. It’s given me an appreciation for God’s Word as a whole and has left me amazed at how God has been faithful to His people in the midst of their unfaithfulnedd. Because of this, I’ve come to realize that God is faithful to me.

During one on one’s I was reminded that God is not going to leave me where he found me and that in some mysterious way, though all the stuff, I’m becoming more like Jesus.

Praise God for His work this past semester!

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