UD – Everything has Changed….

Five years ago when Erin and I (no children yet) came to Univeristy of Delaware to start RUF we had one student interested in RUF. Fast forward five years to middle of this fall semester. I come into large group and just watch and participate as students greet new comers, students run announcements, lead worship, lead a rich time of corporate prayer, lead break-out prayer groups, and lead after activities. Even a year ago I was still pretty involved in making our large group happen and function. The last six weeks of this semester, I have shown up, talked to some students, and preached. The students did the rest.

UDel Group Photo

How much has changed since we came in 2015?! It is truly amazing! Having now been a part of RUF for the last five years, I can honestly say that I’m more convinced now than ever how important this ministry is not just at Univeristy of Delaware, but all around our country. Students are being reached with the Gospel! Students are being equipped, pastored, and trained to lead on their campuses by ordained pastors and then sent out into the world and the church equipped to live for Christ. It is amazing to be a part of this ministry!

Nick Owens, Campus Minister, UD

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