God’s Work at WVU

At the end of this past semester, campus minister Peter Green met with one of his student leaders, and they talked for more than an hour about how the ministry at West Virginia University had grown, what God has been doing this year, and where they need to grow. The student observed that in the last two and a half years the ministry at WVU has grown from “three people in a small group to four small groups.” Praise God!

God’s Word Goes Forth
It has been exciting to see how God has grown West Virginia University’s small group Bible studies. In August of 2017 RUF at WVU started with two weekly Bible studies and a handful of students. By October 2017 they expanded to three weekly Bible studies. In the fall of 2018 they added monthly men’s and women’s Bible studies, and by the fall of 2019 they had four weekly Bible studies. Spring semester they will add a fifth weekly Bible study!

God Raises Up Leaders
From the beginning God has blessed WVU with excellent student leaders. In 2017 the first WVU RUF president, Katie Stapleton, led a weekly women’s Bible study before graduating and beginning an RUF internship (she’s now applying to be full-time RUF staff!). Over the next two years they took 41 students to fall and spring training conferences to be trained in how to study the Bible and how to lead Bible studies. This past fall two of their weekly Bible studies were led by a student leader with a team of assistants. These student-led Bible studies have been the feeders for the ministry and the training grounds for future leaders. Next year the Bible study assistants will become Bible study leaders with their own team of assistants.

Finally, two of the current student leaders—Josh and Meliah Campbell—will become RUF interns at Middle Tenesee State University next fall. Praise God for all the dedicated and servant-hearted student leaders He has raised up for RUF in the last two years at West Virginia University!

taken from a prayer letter from Peter Green, WVU

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