Coronavirus Ministry Update

“In the midst of much uncertainty there remains one supreme certainty: God is in control, Jesus is building His church, and neither Satan nor coronavirus can stand against Him!” Amen! This is still true and will always be true.

On Monday RUF leadership announced that our Summer Conference in Florida will be canceled this year. While we suspected that this might happen, ministers and students are very disappointed. The week of preaching, seminars, fellowship – and of course sun and surf – is a highlight for RUF. It is a joyful conclusion to a long spring semester. It is where students come to faith and grow closer to God. We are sad, but it is a necessary decision during this pandemic.

But why should God wait until May to save the lost? I have already heard of one student, sent home from the university, who has come to the Lord! May there be many more! Meanwhile, there is an avalanch of RUF ministry online. Ministers are preaching, students are leading Bible studies, prayer groups are forming. Students have even found ways to have virtual social events! More stories are included in our spring newsletter coming out next week, and others will be posted here. Even as we regret the loss of on-campus life this spring, there is a curious energy for virtual ministry. The Holy Spirit cannot be quarantined!

David Green, Northeast Area Coordinator

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