A Confession of Faith and update from Lehigh

It was the best of times and it was the strangest of times! Like most other universities across the country, Lehigh has suspended in-person education through the remainder of the semester. But that will not stop the advancement of God’s kingdom!

Just before classes went remote, we had our student leader training conference. The conference trains student leaders to handle God’s word in an accurate manner and communicate it with others. But that’s not all. The LORD also used the conference to bring a student to faith!


Fang’s Faith
Fang came to her first Bible study last year having never even held a Bible before. Despite this, she kept coming. God slowly worked in her heart week after week. Fast forward one year later. After countless Bible studies, large groups meetings, social activities, regular church attendance, and personal conversations, God used his Word and opened her eyes to see her sin and need for repentance.  

At the training conference, Fang took the track “How To Study the Bible.” Saturday closed with a group study on the power of God’s Word from Ezekiel 37, the valley of dry bones. At the end of the study, Fang ran to the bathroom crying. Later she said, “I was so shocked. I realized that I was dry bones and all my friends were dry bones, too. I was crying and started praying then realized that I had been praying. I had never prayed on my own before!” Who would have thought that God would bring dry bones to life before our very eyes during that study!

As you can imagine, Fang has so much to learn! Even so praise God for Fang’s faith! Pray for her rapid growth, protection, and hunger to feed on God’s Word.



As I mentioned above, students were sent home and in-person education was eliminated as of last week. As you can imagine, this poses a number of changes for ministry! 

One of the greatest concerns are those students who are going home to very difficult family life. For many students in RUF, life at college is better than life at home. At college, they are surrounded by both friends and mentors who are always pointing them to Jesus. At home, abuse, alcoholism, parents’ failing marriages, and all sorts of other issues abound. Please pray that God would strengthen, encourage, and protect students going home to difficult circumstances!

Even for students going to good homes, the isolation and loneliness is tremendous. Pray that God would prompt our students to study hard, use their time wisely, and continue to grow. Pray that the Father would strengthen them through the power of the Spirit in their inner being so that Christ may dwell in their hearts through faith.

Additionally, there are a number of non-Christians connected to RUF. Pray for God’s continued work in their hearts. Pray that God would grant me wisdom as I follow up with them by phone.

Last of all, pray for me. Pray that God would grant me wisdom, diligence, endurance and focus as I continue to work.

In spite of all this upheaval, God is in control! He is our sovereign LORD and rules over all the earth. There is much work to be done and God is able to do far more than we could ask for or think! Praise God for his absolute control over all things! Pray that God would bless and even mature our ministry during this upheaval.

Michael Goodlin, Campus Minister Lehigh University

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