Missing SuCo and Status Updates

This certainly has been an unusual semester! Most colleges are either finished or in their finals week, and semester gatherings have ended. RUF has asked different regions for ways they are coping with the Covid quarentine, as well as reflections on what we are missing most right now… Summer Conference (SuCo). Every May, students gather from around the country and descend on Laguna Beach in Florida. There are three weeks of SuCo every year – but this year, it was necessary to cancel. Several of the Northeast staff were featured in RUF’s Newsletter, including the “SuCo Queen” – our own Ruth Green! Here are excerpts from the May 5, 2020 newsletter:

“Words from the SuCo Queen:

My anticipation for Summer Conference begins with the first query to the wives listserve sometime in March. Should I bring my newborn baby to SuCo? [Yes.] My own packing question is, “How many books will I read on the beach?” I always overestimate the number because when I’m actually on the beach there is so much more to see and do: meaningful conversations with other beach-goers, taking note of the current swimsuit fashions, delighting in hundreds of college students enjoying the water or beach sports. One year I made the mistake of naïvely agreeing to be a judge for the sandcastle competition!

Over the dozen or so years that I’ve been going to SuCo, my role has evolved to become the neighborhood Nana. I offer my help to staff families for babysitting or as a mama’s helper, I’m on call for chauffeuring trips to Urgent Care, and most importantly, I serve as a dispensary of quarters for the laundromat! There still is plenty of time to attend seminars, enjoy coffee in the courtyard, or go out for lunch or appetizers with the other wives. It’s a wonderful opportunity to catch up with the RUF family. The highlight of each day is participating in the worship and teaching of God’s Word in the aptly-named Promised Land. I’ll never forget the year Keith Berger was preaching on God’s power and majesty when a dramatic thunderstorm caused  the electricity to go out!

I can’t think of anything else that so thoroughly confirms my sense of privilege to serve with this campus ministry. At the end of the demanding school year, SuCo brings the sun, the fun, and the encouragement to look towards another great year of reaching students for Christ and equipping them to serve!  

Ruth is keeping stay-at-home orders in Bethlehem, PA with her husband, AC David Green, who has taken up his clarinet after a 40 year hiatus. ’Nuff said!

Staff Spotlight

This week, RUF asked David Green (Area Coordinator for the Northeast) and a few folks from our area to answer a few questions including:

  1. What is the best meal you have cooked at home?
  2. What is something new you have discovered or attempted (hobby, skill, tv show, etc.)?
  3. How many rolls of toilet paper do you have in your home right now?

Here are their answers!


David Green: Area Coordinator
1. The only thing I’ve cooked recently is chicken and hamburgers on the grill.
2. I’ve resumed playing the clarinet after a 40-year hiatus.
3. 24

RackersSqNathan Rackers: Intern, Brown/RISD
1. An excellent ‘curried chickpeas with spinach’ recipe from budgetbytes.com.
2. Minesweeper on Google; I’ve no idea why I never got into this before.
3. 18 – I literally ran out and stocked up a week before this became a hot commodity for some reason.


Joy Beans: Campus Staff, Millersville University
1. Shrimp and Korean Beef Poke bowls.
2. The Beans’ family “Ticket to Ride” gauntlet. An unparalleled contest of skill, strategy, and just dumb luck building coast to coast railway travel empires. Serious fun!
3. 36. But if you’d asked about coffee, tea and half & half, that’s where the real hoarding happens.

Nate Bowers: Campus Minister, University of AkronBowersSq
1. Marinated some venison backstrap and grilled it over charcoal. The. Best.
2. We bought a small farm right before the quarantine hit, so we are diving into all things agrarian! If only it would stop snowing …
12 and change … got a stack of magazines waiting in the wings.”

Taken from RUF “God is at Work” newsletter, May 5, 2020


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