Staff Training in the Pandemic

We hoped all to fly to Dallas for RUF July Staff Training and all the arrangements were made. But the closer we got to July, the more it seemed like this might not be a good idea. Instead of Staff Training all in one place, we adopted a three-part approach:

  1. Cover specific topics that new campus ministers need by pre-recorded videos and video discussion.
  2. Bring two nationally recognized speakers to address us all by webinars.
  3. Offer optional in-person gatherings in local areas.

Some areas felt it was too risky to meet in-person, but the Mid-Atlantic appears to have stabilized. Most of our ministers met last week in State College where we had a grand time in scripture and prayer, thinking about fall semester, and eating! Here we are in our snazzy RUF caps and cool RUF masks. On the screen are the three campus ministers who could not come to State College, but participated in all our sessions remotely.

David Green
Area Coordinator

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