Encouragement from Delaware State

2020 HAS BEEN A WILD RIDE TO SAY THE LEAST! So far we have survived a pandemic, riots, an economic collapse, school closures, the cancellation of everything, masks, church closures and virtual worship and so much more. 2020 is not at all what I imagined it would be, but through it all I always believed God would be there for my family, my students and myself. Though we have been through great trials we have also experienced much blessing. Our new child continues to grow strong. We have moved to a new home. We have a wonderful new intern.

Most recently, we have been given permission by DSU to continue meeting on campus and hold small groups in the dorms. While, we are not naive to the dangers of Covid, we are hoping the Lord will protect us as we meet in small groups and take all the proper precautions to keep each other safe. Moreover, we have a fantastic group of student leaders… easily the best we have ever had. They love Jesus. They love DSU. They have enormous character. They also have a great desire to grow and lead others to Christ. 

Delaware State University Leadership Team

I am so excited to see what God has in store for us this semester.

by Daryl Wattley

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