Fall Outreach IS Happening – Praise God with Us!

Michael Goodlin, Campus Minister at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA writes:

“A senior leader who has been a part of the ministry since his freshman year, was shocked. In the midst of isolation, separation, and meetings over Zoom, he described how the Holy Spirit worked to illuminate the passage and watched as the LORD applied the text to students’ hearts through the questions he had developed. ‘That was the best Bible study I have ever been a part of.’

He wasn’t the only who was shocked, I was too! Given our circumstances, I never would have thought that our Bible studies would be richer this year compared to previous years. But so far they have been. Numerous students have told me how much they have appreciated our Bible Studies.

Praise God for his work through our Bible Studies!

The quality of our Bible studies hasn’t been the only delightful surprise thus far, the number of non-Christians involved in the ministry has been an encouragement too!

We have numerous non-Christians who are either directly involved with a Bible study or are connected to an RUF student through housing arrangements. Praise God for these providential arrangements!

Meanwhile, at the University Maryland, CM Chris Garriott shares…

We really believe that your prayers are making the difference during  our Freshman outreach period and the campus restrictions due to the pandemic. Typically we are able to do all kinds of outreach and giveaway-information events on the campus to meet new students. On a typical year we probably interact with 500 students and get about 100 new contacts to follow up with. But not this year! We started the year not being able to have any in person events on OR off campus. But in spite of these restrictions the Lord has connected us with about 25 new students! Most of these are new freshman who found out about us through our website connected to the Universities religious club listing.
 We have great news to share! After 4 weeks of virtual meetings we have received approval for an outdoor meeting of 25 people This Friday! Praise God! “

God is good. All the time!

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