And Just Like That, The Semester is Almost Over!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had enormous impacts on college campuses throughout the United States. Students have had to navigate most of the semester over Zoom. Students are feeling lonely and isolated. Anxiety and depression are affecting students now more than ever.

The Barnets and students after church at Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Newark, DE

For these reasons, RUF ministry at the University of Delaware remains extremely important and relevant. If there is one thing we can take away from the pandemic, it is that human beings are social creatures. We are not created to be isolated from one another. It is not healthy for us to be alone for long periods of time! RUF has been able to help in this regard! Despite the pandemic, RUF provides opportunities for students to connect with one another and to tune in to small groups, large groups, prayer times, and one-on-ones. Even though we cannot meet in person for large group and small groups, we are thankful to God for the technology that He has blessed us with that allows us to still have Zoom large groups and small groups. I am also thankful to God for allowing me to do one-on-ones in person with my students. These have been very positive, and have allowed me to get to know students on a more personal level.

Despite the pandemic, I wanted to share a few areas of encouragement:

  1. Our large groups and small groups have been a weekly source of encouragement for students.
  2. We have some students that have become more active in RUF this semester.
  3. Students are building deeper friendships with one another.
  4. A core group of students are attending church regularly.

Please continue to be praying for me, for our students, and for University of Delaware!

Joey Barnet, Campus Associate, University of Delaware

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