Fall Reflections from IUP

Not just surviving, but thriving!!

As the year comes to a close and we reflect back on this semester, we are in awe of how the LORD was at work. In light of the pandemic restrictions, the realistic goal was to survive this semester and yet we ended up thriving! The frustration and loneliness students were experiencing created an opportunity for RUF to step into the gap and invite students into a community where they could make good friends, ask good questions, and hear good news.

To give you a further sense of what RUF meant to students this semester, here are a few quotes we were thankful to hear:

“RUF has been such an incredible group for me to be a part of as a college freshman. The community and atmosphere have allowed me to grow in my faith and make some amazing friends. I am so glad that I am able to stay a Christian at college with such a remarkable group of people.”

“RUF has brought me so much closer to God than I could even imagine. It is such a kind, cool, and caring community. I am grateful I found RUF!”

“Wednesday Bible study was the highlight of my week this semester! I always leave feeling like I’ve grown in my knowledge of Jesus and His Word. I also love how engaged everyone is in our discussions. I don’t know what I’d do without this group!”

Training Bible Study Leaders

One of the highlights over the break so far has been going through our “How to Study the Bible” material with a student who missed our fall training but is very interested in growing in his ability to study the Scriptures. Normally we do this in groups, but it has been great to work with a student one on one who is so willing to dedicate time to engaging with God’s Word.

In addition to this student, four others are in training to lead Bible studies next fall semester. Though it is encouraging to have several students on this track, we want to make sure they are adequately trained before we hand off Bible study leadership to them. The quality of our ministry, especially in relation to God’s word, is a big deal! We want Bible study leaders to be capable of leading a lively discussion around the main point of the Scripture passage and caring for their small group. One priority next semester will be working with these students unto that end.

Pray for the LORD to be at work in this training process. Pray that He might also use this training process for their own sanctification, making them worthy of his calling and fulfilling every resolve for good and work of faith by His power” (2 Thess 1:11).
Oliver Pierce, Campus Minister, Indiana University of PA

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