Joining RUF Staff

RUF is a terrific ministry and a wonderful place to work. Here is how you can join us. There are four staff positions in RUF:

Campus Minister The Campus Minister leads the RUF ministry on his campus. He has a seminary degree and is ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America.

Campus Intern The Campus Intern program is a unique two-year experience designed to provide the opportunity to learn under, and minister alongside, a seasoned campus minister. Most Campus Interns are recent graduates who want some ministry experience before moving on to the next stage in life.

Campus Staff Women who complete the intern program and wish to continue in ministry with RUF can apply for a staff position. This is a vocational position.

Campus Resident The Campus Resident program is for men who cannot enroll in seminary full-time, but feel called to ministry and want to work with RUF.

All four positions are available in RUF ministries in the U.S. the first two positions are available also in RUF-I, our ministry to international students studying in the U.S, and RUF-G, our overseas ministries.

Becoming an RUF Intern You can find more information about the intern program at Application instructions are at For more information, contact

Becoming an RUF Campus Minister RUF Campus Ministers are approved by General Assembly and called by presbytery.

General Assembly works through the RUF national office. RUF holds Assessment every year in February and July to evaluate men regarding suitability for campus ministry. Assessment begins with an application and an extensive written questionnaire. Then they and their wives meet with assessors for three days. The deadlines for signing up are November 30 for February Assessment, and April 30 for July Assessment. Contact for an Assessment application and information. The purpose of Assessment is to determine suitability for campus ministry. Assessment does not provide you with a job. Presbyteries make hiring decisions.

Presbyteries interview and select the man they want for a particular campus position. This is done by the RUF committee of the Presbytery. Presbytery issues a call to ministry and ordains a man if he was not previously ordained.

The hiring process can begin with either the Presbytery RUF Committee or with Assessment. Men who come to Assessment first are then recommended to presbyteries as openings become available on campuses. But a Presbytery can find and select a man for a campus, and then send him to Assessment for approval.

Area Coordinators manage this whole process. If you wish to learn more, contact your local Area Coordinator. It is best to get in touch with the local Area Coordinator early and stay in touch as you pursue an RUF position.